Sound Branding

What is Sound-Branding?

Sound-branding is the strategy of making audible your brand or company at all possible points of interaction with an audience (touchpoints*). An established audio-identity is seen as vital part of the big picture – the fully developed corporate identity. It tremendously enforces brand recognition and supports emotional involvement. By clearly differentiating a company from another at ear level, an audio-identity simply and undeniably adds value to your brand.

Many well known brands such as Intel, T-Mobile or Nokia massively make use of sound-branding strategies to powerfully communicate their values. Their success speaks volumes: sound-branding warrants for a dramatic increase of a brand’s value, deeply rooted customer retention, maximised profits and long-lasting success.

Corporate Sound, Sound Logo, Sound Identity, Soundscape, Jingle, Theme Song, Hymn…So many definitions and uses – how can I know what exactly I will need?

A sound-logo and a soundscape as the sonic imprint of a brand will almost always be the most important elements of the corporate sound, but let’s consider Our Approach:

Assessment - it is crucial for us to build up a thorough understanding of your company’s strategy and vision as well as the customers and competitors in the field, allowing us to outline a precise goal and consequently shape your CI sound.

Lab – based on the afore mentioned findings and conclusions we will develop and introduce to you a concept and moodboard (acoustic samples helping to find and establish the basic “tonality” of a brand). Together with your team we will evaluate various suitable options and agree on matters of aesthetic nature as well as details of application (touchpoints).

Layout – following the Lab we now create acoustic layouts of various elements in your brand specific sound universe (sound identity) and, again based on your input, decide upon the definite version.

Production - in this final step we produce and implement your brand’s unique and bespoke Corporate Sound and it’s assets in all pertinent media. Additionally we supply you with a detailed guide outlining best practise and adequate use of your CI sound.

Care - for maximum effectiveness of your sound-identity we will on a regular basis evaluate it’s application and instigate adjustments where necessary.

Use the powers of sound-branding – the size of your company shall not be an issue. If you are a small or mid-sized business we will be able to offer the right solutions for you and set you up with equally mighty marketing tools big players have at hand.

*touchpoints can be anything between traditional media and any modern multimedia device: telephones, radio spots, TV-adverts, waiting rooms, exhibition booths, showrooms, internet, sales pitch, point of sale (POS), mobile phones, iPads, laptops, image-films, corporate-films, apps, presentations, seminars, online (web 2.0) platforms such as Youtube, Facebook, Vimeo… the list goes on.